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We are extremely happy to invite you into our new digital universe –

With more than 40 years in the business of trend forecasting and publishing trend books, the digital universe was the most natural next step for us – and we have invited you to join us.

Reflecting on the past decade of progress made in digitizing trend while honoring the tactility of the physical trend books is very enlightening. The trend business is very different today than in the 80’s and 90’s, but the essence is still the same: making decisions easier!

pej trend online - my page
pej trend online - Pantone colours in digital format

A key feature on the site is the overview over key colours for each season – with full Pantone reference. With this feature you can save the colours that are most relevant in ‘My Workspace’.

"We are proud to say that our Scandinavian trend books are still very much alive."

The online universe is curated content for those already working with the pej trend books. The printed books are still very much alive and a vital component of working with trends – particularly when it comes to choosing the right colours and materials. The online universe is an extension of the books, and gives you access to a wider range of images, inspiration and brings the seasons to life all year round.

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My workspace

The feature ’My Workspace’ is where all of your colours and images are saved and where you can make your own trend stories. This is also where we are currently working to add a Moodboard feature to make your saved elements come to life in a new way.

All the content from the book + more

Subscribers to pej colour get access to all the images and content from pej colour plus selected range of extra material.

Subscribers to pej toolbox have access to all of the images and content from pej toolbox plus a wide range of extra material, including film, music, cases and much more.

pej toolbox
filter function

Filter function

One of the things that makes unique is the filter function. You can search through thousands of images and select the most inspiring images for your trend process.

You start by selecting the season you want to dive into and the most relevant trend theme for your work. Subsequently, you can choose industry, target group and category. If you are looking for more inspiration there is also music, videos or other media available.

Combining the unique features of the filters and images online with the tactility of the physical trend book is what makes pej trend special.

We will continue to develop both the site and the book – so that you get most out of the pej trend universe.

Make it your own!

We have been very focused on making your work with trends easier! That is why we have added a heart symbol. The heart is your way of picking out your favorites.

When you have found an image, colour, video or song, that you would like to keep for later, press the heart and you will be able to find it again at ’My Page’.

We are looking forward to adding more features to – all of which will make your design process easier.


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